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Milk Glass

The most popular color of opaque glass is white, or "milk glass," a term introduced in the 20th century.   However, Opaque glass has been around since 16th century Egypt, and probably goes even further back to the Chinese in the 2nd century.  "Opaque" by definition means "not transparent or translucent; impenetrable to light; not allowing light to pass through."  Check out our large selection of white milk glass!

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Fenton Silver Crest Milk Glass 7" Basket # 7237 (SKU: LH-5151)
Fenton Silver Crest Pedestal Cake Plate Stand Milk Glass 13" (SKU: LH-5371)
Fenton Silver Crest Ruffle Top Vase Hand Painted Yellow Roses (SKU: LH-5343)
Fenton White Milk Glass Tavern Bar Mug or Stein (SKU: GF-0088)
Fostoria Antique Milk Glass Vase Transferred Pink Roses (SKU: LH-5367)
Fostoria Milk Glass Large Hen on Nest HON Covered Dish Decorated Split Tail (SKU: LH-5368)
Fostoria ROSBY #1704 Milk Glass Handled Nappy (SKU: GF-0394)
Fostoria Wistar Milk Glass Tall Footed Compote Comport Leaves Leaf (SKU: LH-5224)
Glasbake Milk Glass Bread Pan Blue Flowers (SKU: LH-5384)
Hazel Atlas Vintage Circus Clown Milk Glass Childs Mug (SKU: GF-0225)
Hob Nail Milk Glass Lamp Small Table Boudior (SKU: LH-5353)
Hoosier Milk Glass Spiral Swirled Vase (SKU: LH-5078)
I.W. Rice Vintage Hobnail Milk Glass Perfume Bottle (SKU: GF-0246)
Imperial Glass Doeskin Pear Shaped Divided Vegetable Tray (SKU: GF-0305)
Imperial Glass Milk Vintage Grape 10" Crimped Bowl (SKU: GF-0092)
Imperial Glass Milk White DAISY & BUTTON Basket #221 (SKU: GF-0136)
Imperial Glass Milk White STAR HOLLY Candy Box & Cover (SKU: GF-0138)
Imperial Glass Pr White Milk Glass #880 GRAPE Candleholders (SKU: GF-0236)
Imperial Milk Glass Nappy Handled Bowl Grape Vintage HTF (SKU: LH-5373)
Imperial Milk Glass Swan Mint Whimsy Candy Dish #147 (SKU: GF-0116)
Imperial Milk Glass VINTAGE GRAPE Creamer & Sugar Bowl #1950 (SKU: GF-0446)
Imperial Milk Glass VINTAGE GRAPE Doeskin Footed Vase (SKU: GF-0163)
Imperial Milk Glass VINTAGE GRAPE Ftd Candy Jar & Lid (SKU: GF-0037)
Imperial Milk Glass VINTAGE GRAPE Hex Candy Box & Lid (SKU: GF-0115)
Imperial Milk Glass VINTAGE GRAPE Mayonnaise Bowl, Underplate & Ladle (SKU: GF-0447)
Indiana Colony Harvest Grape Milk Glass 2 Pc Snack Set (SKU: GF-0300)
Indiana Colony Harvest Milk Glass Snack Set Grapes Plate Cup (SKU: LH-5187)
Indiana Colony Milk Glass HARVEST Footed Creamer & Sugar (SKU: GF-0217)
Indiana Colony Milk Glass HARVEST Luncheon Plate (SKU: GF-0215)
Indiana Teardrop Milk Glass Compote Comport Pedestal Bowl (SKU: LH-5937)
Kanawha Milk Glass Yellow Overlay Hobnail Bowl #298M (SKU: GF-0181)
Kemple Club & Shell Milk Glass 7" Plate Fruit Design (SKU: GF-0325)
Kemple Club & Shell Milk Glass 9 1/2" Plate Fruit Design (SKU: GF-0326)
Kemple Milk Glass Hobnail 3 Footed Candlestick (SKU: GF-0039)
Kemple Milk Glass Lacy Hearts Plate Hand Painted Floral (SKU: GF-0308)
Kemple Sunburst Milk Glass Pressed Hobstar & Pinwheel Comport Compote Vintage (SKU: LH-5199)
Lamp Chimney Yellow Daisies Milk Glass Vintage (SKU: LH-5136)
LE Smith Pr Vintage White Milk Glass Candleholders #366 (SKU: GF-0133)
LE Smith White Milk Glass ROOSTER Covered Dish #208 (SKU: GF-0562)
Lot 5 Milk Glass Hen on Nest HON Covered Dish Dishes Indiana (SKU: LH-5358)
Lovely Milk Glass Dolphin Footed Compote Tazza (SKU: GF-0316)
Macbeth Evans American Sweetheart Cup & Saucer Set (SKU: GF-0131)
Milk Glass and Brass Swirl & Ball Candlestick Lamp (SKU: GF-0237)
Milk Glass Apothecary Jar with Asian Scene Made in Belguim (SKU: GF-0078)
Milk Glass Beaded Edge Relish Tray 3 Section Gold (SKU: LH-5102)
Milk Glass Boudior Table Lamp Roses Vintage (SKU: LH-5933)
Milk Glass Bud Vase Embossed Diamond Design (SKU: LH-5176)
Milk Glass Bud Vase Embossed Leaf Design Vintage (SKU: LH-5162)
Milk Glass Comport Compote Daisy Button Flower Square Stem (SKU: LH-5935)
Milk Glass Creamer Sugar Thumbelina File & Fan Child's (SKU: LH-5074)
Milk Glass Daisy Button Cat Shoe (SKU: LH-5099)
Milk Glass Decanter Embossed Rose Hand Painted Flowers Gold Gilding Vintage (SKU: LH-5934)
Milk Glass Diamond Quilted Vase Flared Bottom (SKU: LH-5938)
Milk Glass Eagle Coin Salt & Pepper Shakers Set (SKU: LH-5173)
Milk Glass English Hobnail Top Hat Westmoreland (SKU: LH-5075)
Milk Glass Fan Vase Crimped Rim & Hand Painted Floral (SKU: GF-0404)
Milk Glass Hand Painted Lamp Shade Globe Orange Roses (SKU: LH-5124)
Milk Glass Hobstar & Forks Pattern Pickle Dish (SKU: GF-0419)
Milk Glass Maple Grape Leaf Dish Bowl Westmoreland (SKU: LH-5249)
Milk Glass Nappy Handled Bowl Quintec Hobstar (SKU: LH-5254)
Milk Glass Paprika Spice Shaker Jar Red Chef Musketeer (SKU: LH-5028)
Milk Glass Scalloped Pedestal Vase Diamond Design (SKU: LH-5059)
Milk Glass Sculpted Column "Pebbled" Vase (SKU: GF-0356)
Milk Glass Square Embossed Tile Trivet Flower Design (SKU: LH-5383)
Milk Glass Student Lamp Shade Quilted Diamond Ruffle Top 7" (SKU: LH-5377)
Milk Glass Swirled Candlestick Table Lamp Vintage (SKU: LH-5163)
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