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  1. We always think about how to handle glass in cold weather but there are some critical things to remember about glass in hot weather as well. We talk about letting glass warm up to room temp before unpacking and washing it. Well we need to let it cool down in the same manner. They don't typically air condition UPS and USPS trucks for the packages, maybe for the drivers, but the back of the truck is hot. Think about your car after it's been in the sun all day. Now think about that glass when it comes from the hot temps in the back of the truck into the cool 20-30 degrees cooler temperature in your home or office. Typically I recommend letting the package site for a minimum of 6 hours and preferably 12. I know you want to make sure that what you ordered is right and that it came through safely - but don't take any more chances. Let it rest a while. Here's wishing you great hunts for that perfect piece of glass and lots of antique shows and on line shopping in your future. Sarah
  2. There's a lot of talk about "going green" out there. Collecting vintage or antique items is a way to "go green". You buy or "recycle" items that someone else no longer has a use for. By doing this you're not only helping mother earth, you are bringing something into your home that you enjoy. You ar...e also preserving this beautiful glassware so future generations can enjoy the craftsmanship of days gone by. Go Green!!

  3. For those stubborn dark smudges or scuff marks on your milk or satin glass try rubbing them with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 

  4. We invite you to share with us. Please tell us what you like or don't like about the store. Or if you are looking for a specific item that you don't see in our inventory, please let us know. We may be able to find it for you.